"Ash maybe be trash but he's talented trash...probably the best (picture) anyone's done of me...ever!" - David Hess.

"Beautiful" - Frank Henenlotter.

"I like it crazy WOW!" - Bai Ling.

"I love Ash's Arthole!" - Beatrice Manowski.

"Too European". - Archie Goodwin.

"Fucking awesome. Just awesome". - Tim Sullivan.

"I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!" - Cameron Diaz.

"Epic illustrator! Amazing!" - Natalia Tena.

"Beautiful! ...so talented ". - Asia Argento.

"Very groovy!" - Bruce Campbell.

"Brilliant and Lovely!" - Jake West.

"I love your images and illustrations...
gorgeous, amazing...so deep and cool". - Daria Nicolodi.

"You fucking rule!" -
Jen and Sylvia Soska

"Wow, what artwork! love it!"
Rachel Talalay.

"Amazing!" - Aaron Abrams.

"Ash is da man!" - Vito Trabucco.

"...Love the way the artwork of Ash mythologizes the Frightfest line-up year after year." - Graham Kelly Greene.

Thursday, 16 January 2020

FrightFest 2020.

It's started....the countdown to FrightFest begins. Always love drawing the GFT...now onto the films....check back on this post for updates.

Monday, 9 December 2019


A mixed bag (sorry) of new tote designs - Baby Yoda and Emma Peel.

Friday, 6 December 2019

Star Trek The Motion Picture.

40 years young today and still my favourite big screen Trek....which is reason enough to draw it I guess.

Monday, 2 December 2019

Crypt of Cult.

Cover art and various interior pieces for the new quarterly magazine just released on Amazon.

Great to get to work in B&W for a change as it's always been my favourite - reminds me of the old photocopied fanzine days!

Thursday, 21 November 2019

The Quatermass Experiment.

Just finished up a commission so relaxing with a doodle or two....